Well it has been a fun life. I have started businesses in software, genetics, and land development. I have taken companies public and raised 10s of millions of dollars for public and private ventures. However, I got nailed by 2008 and a couple of opportunities to split my assets. It is time to reskill and start participating in the economy again.

I am fascinated by the relatively recent turn of events associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI).  For years in technology we hailed advances in expert systems, natural language processing, etc. as the turning point for true AI. However, it NEVER happened until now. We can now harness computers to learn for us. Now this is exciting!

If you are visiting this page, you have probably found me thru my vocation which is providing Data Scientist services. I am available for permanent or contract work. While I am not engaged in these opportunities I am looking for patterns in social media data as it relates to trading opportunities in the financial markets.

I have included a few of the projects that I have worked on here. For more background on my professional career please visit my LinkedIn page . Click on this link to  contact me.

On the personal side, my favorite mode of transportation is my bicycle (which you can ride in Victoria almost any day) and down time includes hiking, travelling, and skiing.